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4 Benefits of Trimming Your Trees 

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For a homeowner who doesn’t know about tree trimming, it could be a tough decision when to trim your trees, or if it needs one in the first place. For a person who doesn’t have idea about tree biology and physics, it could be tough for us to decide if a tree needs it at all. Aside from the environment benefits you can get trimming your trees; it also adds home value to your property and of course improves the aesthetics of the landscape.  

As an average homeowner, how do you decide to give your tree some trimming? This is where professional tree removal in Marietta GA comes in. They inspect the trees, decide for the kind of trim it needs and do the job for you. It’s better to leave this kind of job for professionals.  

To get you started, the following are the degrees of trimming/pruning. You can ask your arborist about them and when to give them to the trees.  

Fine Pruning is when the arborist removes small limbs to improve the appearance of a tree.  

Standard Pruning involves heavy cutting to improve the structure of a tree.  

Hazard Trimming is given to trees for safety concerns. This involves removing branches that have more than 2 inches in diameter.  

Crown Reduction Trimming involves removing of major branches when the tree experiences storm damage, die back or when it interfere power lines.  


1. Improves Safety 

Imagine this picture. You’re driving your way to your house but a tree fell off in the middle of the road and blocks your way. What could’ve happened if the tree fell of right at you? Imagine the limbs falling off your roof, what could’ve happened if the branches swayed to `another direction and the limbs hit a person. Those are some of the primary reasons why a tree needs to be trimmed.  

Limbs and other debris can fall off anytime, especially if the trees are not well-taken care of. There are many deaths recommended that are caused by a falling tree. Accidents can happen but it can be avoided if you take action as a homeowner and as a member of the community.  

2. Makes the Tree Healthier 

Removing dead branches or any part of a tree that’s damaged improves the health and growth of a tree. When you prune away infested or drying branches, it prevents the diseases that can harm the tree further. It will save the life of a tree.  

3. Stimulate Growth 

A well-pruned tree is a healthy tree and a healthy tree will have an amazing growth. There are also pruning techniques that professional applies to a fruit bearing tree that will stimulate its fruit production. That’s why you shouldn’t do the pruning on your own because a pruning done wrong can suppress a tree’s growth.  

4. Adds Aesthetics Value 

There are pruning techniques done to make the tree look more beautiful, especially if you’re following some form of an aesthetic scheme for your landscape. Proper pruning doesn’t only make the trees healthy, it also make them look good too.  

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How to Remodel a Bathroom

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The bathroom is a place where we relax in a shower or bath tub. It’s a place where we can have a time for ourselves and relieve the stress of our body. Giving it a remodel is a good choice for you especially if you want to give it a new look. However a remodeling project is not easy to accomplish especially if you would do it on your own. The key to a successful bathroom remodel is budgeting, planning and of course hiring a professional to accomplish all of these. You have to consider a lot of things, to know what are these just read on.



The first step in every home improvement project is the budget. Setting a budget will give you the liberty to choose the materials you’d like to put on your bathroom and also set a limitation to other things you can and cannot do during the renovation. It will be easy for your part if you know what you can afford to spend. If you have a realistic budget, you can decide what to replace and where to be creative.  

Going Green 

You can help the environment by going green in your renovation. It means that if you purchase green products, not only you will help the environment; you can also have great designs that can function on your bathroom. Going green also help you lower your utility bill and at the same time it’s chemical-free. Doing an eco-friendly approach like painting a cabinet with new color instead of throwing it will save you expenses too.  

Use Existing Items 

As much as possible, we would like to cut some costs on whatever we can especially with project as expensive as bathroom remodel. To do this, consider using existing items like the sink, shower, tile and bathtub. By doing this you will spend small money compare to buying new ones.  

Plumbing System  

One of the mistakes of homeowners is moving the plumbing system during a renovation project. Touching the plumbing will only make your budget skyrocket, you’ll end up spending more than what you planned. Switching the toilet and sink might look easy on the surface but moving the plumbing underneath it will cost you more.  

Assess Your DIY Skill 

People who did the project on their own ended up on big mess. Assess your skills first before doing some of the projects. You might mess it up and call a professional to fix it, which will cost you more. Find a contractor who is good at bathroom remodeling in Boston so your project will be successfully done.  

Lighting and Ventilation 

These two are one of the things people underestimate. Both are important and play a great part of having a successful bathroom remodel. For lighting, if you want a relaxing bath, you can install a dim lighting. For applying makeup or shaving, install a bright light. An overall lighting will make a small bathroom seem larger. For ventilation, make sure you install a vent fan to counter the moisture of your bathroom.  

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